英语口语最炫潮流 01 爱车一族2015-09-06
01. What a cool car! 这车真帅! 02. Do you know how much that car costs? 你知道那车多少钱吗? 03. I want to test-drive it. 我想试驾一下.04. I like compact cars. 我喜欢小型车.05. What kind of car would you like to buy? 你想
英语口语最炫潮流 02 穿出个性2015-09-06
01. What's in fashion currently? 现在流行什么? 02. Your clothes don't match. 你的衣服看起来不搭配.03. Everyone knows that is last year's fashion. 谁都知道这种款式去年流行.04. This tank top is made for you. 这件背心
英语口语最炫潮流 03 减肥新时尚2015-09-05
01. That's it I have to take off some weight! 真的受够了,我必须要减肥了.02. I'm supposed to go on a diet. 我要开始节食.03. I tried losing weight, but nothing works. 我曾试过减肥,但没什么效果.04. Girls are ne
英语口语最炫潮流 04 美丽俏佳人2015-09-05
01. I bought an anti-water mascara yesterday. 我昨天买了个防水睫毛膏.02. You should know what type of skin you have, normal, oil or dry? 你应当清楚自己属于哪种肤质,中性,油性还是干性的? 03. Your skin is so beaut
英语口语最炫潮流 06 晒晒你的心情2015-09-04
01. Are you a blogger? 你写博客吗? 02. He is something on the website. 他是网络名人.03. I update my blog every day. 我每天更新我的博客.04. My blog has two thousand readers last month. 上个月,我的博客共有2000 人访问
英语口语最炫潮流 07 手机——不能没有你2015-09-04
01. I got a new cell phone last week. 我上周买了个新手机.02. What's your cell phone number? 你的手机号码是多少? 03. I received two text messages this morning. 我今早收到了两条短信.04. I've had my cell phone stolen. 我
英语口语最炫潮流 08 谁都有“美”的权利2015-09-03
01. I'm not satisfied with my eyes. 我对自己的眼睛不太满意.02. What can I do about my wrinkles? 我该拿脸上的皱纹如何是好呢? 03. Your nee to take care of your skin. 你应当好好保养自己的皮肤.04. We do not recom
英语口语最炫潮流 09 我们的“悦读”2015-09-03
01. Who is your favorite writer? 谁是你最喜爱的作家? 02. His new book was the best seller of this month. 他的新书是本月的畅销书.03. Her books are well-written. 她的书写得很好.04. I like reading science fiction very mu
英语口语最炫潮流 10 我们就爱挑战极限2015-09-02
01. Would you like to try any extreme sports? 你想尝试一下极限运动吗? 02. Bungee jumping is just for thrills. 蹦极玩的就是个剌激.03. Are extreme sports popular in your country? 极限运动在你们国家流行吗? 04. Extreme
英语口语最炫潮流 11 今天你“轰趴”了吗2015-09-02
1. I'm going to have a party at my house this Sunday. 我周日要在家里办个聚会.02. The party will start at 9:00 p. m. 聚会将在晚上九点开始.03. What time should I be at the party? 我应当什么时候到聚会现场呢? 04. Y
英语口语最炫潮流 12 多彩夜生活2015-09-01
01. Cheers! 干杯! 02. Tickets have been sold out. 票都卖光了.03. When does the perforrnance start? 表演什么时候开始? 04. I'd like a tall expresso. 我想要一大杯浓咖啡.05. Can I take your order? 可以点菜了吗? 06. Don
英语口语最炫潮流 13 帕帕拉奇2015-09-01
01. This website covers the latest celebrity gossip. 这个网站报道最新的名人八卦.02. It's difficult to see him in public places. 公众场合很难见到他.03. Don 't be too gossipy. 别太八卦.04. It's said that Madonna was p
英语口语最炫潮流 14 中国足球还有救吗2015-08-31
01. We led by one goal at last. 我们最终以一分领先.02. He is a big fan of football. 他是一个超级球迷.03. I think their football team sucks. 我觉得他们的足球队踢得超烂.04. The team won by a score of 4:1 during th
英语口语最炫潮流 15 动漫迷2015-08-31
01. I am a big fan of Hayao Miyazaki. 我是宫崎骏的超级粉丝.02. I think his animated films are the best. 我觉得他拍摄的动画片最棒.03. I want to buy a DVD collection of all Miyazaki's works. 我想买一套收集了宫崎骏所
英语口语最炫潮流 16 我爱周杰伦2015-08-30
01. I like pop music. 我喜欢流行音乐.02. He can play a lot of musical instruments. 他能演奏很多乐器.03. Are you good at singing? 你擅长唱歌吗? 04. Who is your favorite singer? 你最喜欢的歌于是谁? 05. He sold more t
英语口语最炫潮流 17 韩流风2015-08-30
01. This Korean drama is very popular among the young generation.02. I like the Korean style of dress.03. My favorite singer is Rain.04. Have you seen the Korean drarna Winter Sonata? 05. The Korean wave is sweeping Asian countries.06. Who is you
英语口语最炫潮流 18 星座的魅力2015-08-29
01. She was born under Gemini. 她是双子座的.02. People believe that one's destiny has something to do with one's time of birth. 人们相信一个人的命运和他出生的时刻有关.03. His birthday is the 19th of October, so he's Lib
英语口语最炫潮流 19 我型我秀2015-08-29
01. My Hero is my favorite TV program. 加油!好男儿是我喜欢的一档电视节目.02. She won the final in this year's Super Girls contest. 她在今年的超级女生比赛中获得冠军.03. I'm a super fan of Li Yuchun. 我是李宇春的
英语口语最炫潮流 20 网络江湖2015-08-28
01. Do you like playing online games? 你喜欢玩网络游戏吗? 02. I prefer to play the counterstrike. 我比较喜欢玩反恐精英.03. I spend most of my spare time in playing online games. 我的大部分空闲时间都在玩网络游戏.
英语口语最炫潮流 21 “SOHO”一族2015-08-28
01. I do envy you for being a freelancer! 真羡慕你这个自由职业者! 02. I'm really tired of taking the bus. 我真的受够了挤公交车.03. I want to have more freedom in working. 我想在工作中拥有更大的自由度.04. Most
英语口语最炫潮流 22 文凭贬值2015-08-27
01. As a large number of college graduates finish school and step into the employment market, students feel the cut-throat competition when they are trying to find a job. 大量毕业生涌入就业市场寻找工作,这使越来越多的大学生感
英语口语最炫潮流 23 漂一族2015-08-27
01. Where are you from? 你来自哪里? 02. Where is your hometown? 你老家是哪儿的? 03. I have been in Beijing for nearly six months, but I have not found a suitable job yet. 我来北京已经将近半年了,不过我现在还没有找到一
英语口语最炫潮流 23 工作这么久,你“跳”了吗?2015-08-26
01. Don't be too picky about your job. 你别对工作太挑剔了.02. I'm job-hunting now. 我现在正在找工作.03. How long have you been doing that job? 你做那份工作多久了? 04. I will try my best to stay for the sake of the high
英语口语最炫潮流 25 我们是新时代的村官2015-08-26
01. I am applying for a village official position in the capital 's out skirts this year. 我正在申请今年北京市郊的村官职位.02. The shrinking job market in urban areas has prompted me to con sider working in rural areas. 城市地区就


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