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[00:00.00]Finance ministers of the world's leading industrialized

[00:03.24]and developing countries, the G20,

[00:05.23]have agreed to continue supporting the global economic recovery.

[00:08.58]In a statement released after their meeting in Scotland,

[00:11.63]the ministers said conditions had improved,

[00:14.18]but economic and financial recovery was uneven

[00:17.11]and unemployment a worry.

[00:18.79]Andrew Walker reports.

[00:20.03]The communiqué avoids complacency.

[00:21.90]Although economic and financial conditions have improved,

[00:25.07]they decided they still need to keep up the initiatives

[00:27.93]intended to restore growth.

[00:29.30]The meeting was, however,

[00:30.67]rather overshadowed by a statement

[00:32.53]from the British Prime Minister Gordon Brown,

[00:34.40]suggesting a tax on financial transactions

[00:37.07]as one of a number of options for making banks

[00:39.31]pay for the CRIsis. His calls have been received politely

[00:40.93]by the finance ministers

[00:43.98]but several made remarks which suggest

[00:45.84]that other ways of tackling the problem

[00:47.90]are rather more likely to be adopted.

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