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[00:00.00]The European Union has initialed an agreement

[00:03.89]to end one of the world's longest-running trade disputes over bananas.

[00:07.31]The EU, the world's biggest importer of bananas,

[00:10.67]is to cut the duty it imposes on Latin American producers of the fruit,

[00:14.59]while bananas grows in former European colonies

[00:17.39]will gradually lose the preferential terms

[00:19.69]they've enjoyed. Andrew Walker reports.

[00:22.17]The deal signed in Geneva

[00:23.85]commits the European Union to gradually lowering the tariffs it imposes

[00:27.34]on bananas imported mainly from Latin America.

[00:30.01]The cut will be over a third by 2017.

[00:33.75]That will reduce the competitive advantage of a group of countries,

[00:37.60]mainly former colonies of EU states in Africa and Caribbean,

[00:41.27]which enjoyed tariff-free access.

[00:43.88]The EU plans to provide those countries with some compensation,

[00:47.43]in a shape of nearly 300,000 dollars in additional aid.

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