In January at Detroit's North American International Auto Show, over 40 new vehicles were unveiled.
Authorities will publish a list of some 40 travel agencies in Guangzhou who operate tours to Hong Kong to help tourists avoid exploitation.
In a keynote speech at the China-India Business Forum in Shanghai, made during his visit to China in May, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi expressed his welcome towards foreign investment to his country.
Authorities in the Belgian capital Brussels have decided to cancel the city's fireworks show on New Year's Eve amid a high alert for possible terrorist attacks.
A final stretch of high-speed railway began operation on Wednesday, making it the rail of its kind to circle an island.
The new rules are going limit online transactions through non-banking accounts to a maximum of 200-thousand yuan per year.
The State Forestry Administration has released new analysis, showing that as of the end of 2014, desertification has declined in China by just over 12-thousand square kilometers.
The report was jointly compiled by the State Information Center and a number of other organizations and companies, based on the analysis of big data.
On the heels of a report issued to the National People's Congress this past week, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences is out with its own analysis of China's local debt situation.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang says the forced recruitment of comfort women was a serious crime.
Hong Kong's music scene saw its golden years in the late 1980s, with record sales worth around $2.5 billion HK dollars at its peak in 1989.
Over the past few years, the central government has been focusing its air pollution fight on major polluters, with numerous steel factories and heavy-polluting power generators either shut down or moved away from major centers, such as Beijing.
Lawmakers approved the legislation on Sunday at the end of a week-long bimonthly session of the National People's Congress Standing Committee.
The American College of Sports Medicine forecast that wearable technology would be the number one fitness trend for the New Year after the institution interviewed 2,800 professionals worldwide.
Sun Geng, Chief Operating Officer of L&L Travel Enterprise, the biggest travel agency for Chinese tourists travelling to the States, has predicted that the 2016 Spring Festival period will be their busiest time, with more than 5000 Chinese travellers having already applied for tours in that period.
Andiamo's co-founder Naveed Parvez introduces their innovation using 3D printing that is a simpler and more comfortable solution to making braces and supports instead of the old plastic molds.
Karachi's old town center boasts an impressive list of historic landmarks and heritage sites. The architecture serves as a good reminder of the city's multi-faceted past. However, instead of being preserved, many of these old structures have been abandoned or are being allowed to fall apart.
Tsinghua University released the initial investigation results provided by Haidian Public Security Bureau a few days ago, which revealed that a hydrogen cylinder exploded accidentally, and the whole lab then caught fire. Meng Xiangjian died as the result of severe injuries to his leg.
The Supreme People's Procuratorate announcement comes just a day after a State Council investigation team confirmed the landslide is being probed as a work safety incident, not a geological disaster.
In contrast to demand-side stimulus that focuses more on investment, consumption and exports, the new push toward supply-side economics is mainly aimed at removing regulatory barriers and giving the market a bigger say which products they like and don't like.
Investigators from the State Council's office say they've decided the massive collapse of construction waste is not going to be deemed a geological phenomenon.
Sitting on top of the Quelccava Ica Cap in the Andes, a satellite-linked weather station has been helping scientists to understand the El Nino effect.
Multinational firms, including PricewaterhouseCoopers, J.D. Power and WPP, have spent thousands of dollars installing air filtration systems and real-time monitoring devices.
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