ABC新闻:印尼强震引发海啸 美参院通过卡瓦诺大法官提名


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At least 48 people have died after a powerful magnitude seven-point-five earthquake rocked the Indonesian island of Sulawesi triggering a tsunami. Phone footage broadcast by local TV stations, shows waves up to three metres high crashing into houses along the shoreline. An earlier magnitude six-point-one earthquake in central Sulawesi killed several people, injured ten and damaged dozens of houses.

In the US, Senate Republicans have voted to put the supreme court nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to a full vote. However, Republican senator Jeff Flake has called for a week's delay while the FBI further investigates sexual assault allegations against the judge.

Australian racing car legend and prominent businessman Bob Jane has died, aged 88. Bob Jane — who opened his first tyre store in Melbourne more than 50 years ago — passed away last night after a long battle with prostate cancer.

Two men have been arrested in Sydney in connection with the seizure of five-hundred kilograms of cocaine in the Solomon Islands that was bound for Australia. The drugs were allegedly found during a raid on a yacht in the capital Honiara. Home Affairs minister, Peter Dutton had praised the multi-national investigation.

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