ABC新闻:美马里兰枪击案致3人死亡 坦桑尼亚沉船事故至少42人死亡


The federal government's multi-billion dollar education funding package is already facing stiff resistance from the New South Wales Liberal state government. The prime minister yesterday moved to quell a revolt from the Catholic sector, by announcing an extra four-point-five billion dollars will go to non-government schools. The new funding model will use parents' tax data — rather than census information — to calculate a school's wealth. But New South Wales is accusing the government of pitting public against private schools, and its education minister says he won't sign up to any deal which doesn't treat every school with fairness.

Police in the US state of Maryland say three people have been killed and four others injured after a mass shooting at a pharmacy warehouse north-west of Baltimore. The suspect, a 26-year old woman, has died in hospital after shooting herself.

Authorities in Queensland are this morning installing a shark net in the Whitsundays, after the second attack in the same area in 24 hours. A 12-year-old girl remains in a critical condition after being mauled by a shark in Cid Harbour yesterday afternoon, suffering serious injuries to her leg. It comes after 46-year-old Tasmanian tourist Justine Barwick was attacked in the very same area on Wednesday.

And there are fears more than 200 people are drowned after a ferry sank on Lake Victoria in North Tanzania. 42 people are confirmed dead from the vessel that is believed to have more than 300 people on board.

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