ABC新闻:澳针头污染草莓事件进一步扩散 女教授指控美最高法官候选人性侵


The number of strawberry contamination cases has spread with shoppers in two more states believed to have found needles in punnets. In Tasmania, police are investigating a possible incident involving a Woolworths supermarket after someone on social media claimed to have found a needle. It's not known if this case is related to the ongoing incident in Queensland or a copycat. Elsewhere, a West Australian producer has been caught up in the saga after another customer made allegations of contaminated fruit at a store in the Adelaide hills in South Australia.

The results of the ABC's largest crowd sourced investigation will air tonight, after the prime minister announced a royal commission into aged care. Four Corners have gathered the experiences of more than four thousand people across Australia, including families with relatives in nursing homes and workers in the sector. Among the most common concerns were lack of staff and resources.

Four pedestrians have been injured after they were hit by a car in Sydney's north-west last night. A woman and a young girl are both in Westmead Hospital in a critical condition, while a man and woman are still stable. The cause of the crash in the suburb of Kellyville is still being investigated.

A woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by US Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, has identified herself to the Washington Post. Professor Christine Blasey Ford claims Mr Kavanaugh pinned her to a bed and tried to remove her clothing when they were both teenagers. He has denied the allegations.

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